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About Dan Pozza

200 mcg Misoprostol 210.287.9068

Dan Pozza’s practice focuses on appeals of civil cases. Dan has been board certified in Civil Appellate Law since this area was first recognized as a specialty area in 1987.  He has also been board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Trial Law since 1983.  There are only 16 attorneys in the State Bar of Texas who have all three of these certifications.

Dan also has an active practice of litigation support for trial lawyers in both personal injury and commercial litigation. Dan’s substantial experience as a trial lawyer makes him particularly qualified to effectively work with trial lawyers in complex civil cases. Dan has been mediating cases of all subject matters since mediation was first introduced in Texas in the 1980s and he continues with an active mediation practice.


B.A., Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin (1975)
J.D., The University of Texas at Austin (1978)
M.A., Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin (2001)


Board Certified, Texas Board of Legal Specialization:
Civil Appellate Law, Civil Trial Law, Personal Injury Trial Law
President, San Antonio Bar Association (1995-96)
Certificate of Merit, State Bar of Texas (2004)
Sustaining Life Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation
Texas Board of Law Examiners (2003-13)
Director, State Bar of Texas (1997-00)
Oversight Committee, State Bar of Texas, Texas Pattern Jury Charges (Chair 2003-07, Member 2007-14)
State Bar of Texas, Texas Pattern Jury Charges, Vol. 3 Committee (1988-2003)
Litigation Section, Litigation Council, State Bar of Texas (1989-95)


Course Director, 2012 State Bar Advanced Evidence and Discovery Course
Case Selection and Strategy, 28th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law, State Bar of Texas, 2012
Responsible Third Parties: New Trends, 27th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law, State Bar of Texas, 2011
Responsible Third Parties, 23rd Annual Advanced Evidence and Discovery Course, State Bar of Texas, May 2010
Just Say No: Surviving and Thriving for Small Firms and Solos in The 21st Century, State Bar College Summer School 2008 (July, 2008)
Surviving and Thriving: (Solo Practice and Small Firms), 24th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law Course (July-August, 2008)
Top Ten Trial Tactics To Do or Not To Do, Prosecuting or Defending a Trucking or Auto Accident Case (September, 2007)
Corporate Representative Depositions, 20th Annual Advanced Evidence and Discovery Course (May, 2007)
PJC Plain Language Project, San Antonio Appellate Practice Section (January, 2007)
The Rhetorical is Ethical: A Defense of Rhetoric and Lawyers, 11th Annual UT Insurance Law Institute (December, 2006)
Jury Charge Perils and Dilemmas, 30th Annual UT Page Keeton Civil Litigation Conference (October, 2006)
Course Director, 2006 State Bar Advanced Personal Injury Law Course (Summer, 2006)
Jury Charge Perils and Dilemmas, 16th Annual UT Conference on State and Federal Appeals (June 2006)
Course Director, 2005 State Bar Advanced Civil Trial Course (Aug.–Nov. 2005)
Jury Charge – Back to the Future, 28th Annual Advanced Civil Trial Course (Aug.–Nov. 2005) (co-author, panel chair)
Methods & Mechanics of a Successful Mediation, 21st Annual Advanced Personal Injury Course (July-Aug. 2005)
Dead on Arrival: Advising When They Don’t Have a Cause of Action, State Bar College (July 2005)
The Rhetorical is Ethical: A Defense of Rhetoric and Lawyers, 20th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law Course (Aug. 2004)
Evidence and Discovery in the Summary Judgment Process, Advanced Evidence and Discovery Course (March-May 2002)
New Discovery Rules, Panel Discussion, University of Texas School of Law (June 1999)
Tort and DTPA Appeals, Advanced Civil Appellate Practice Course, Panel Moderator (Sept. 1998)
Jury Charge: Preservation of Error, Submission Practice After Tort Reform and Inferential Rebuttal, Practice Before the 4th and 13th Courts of Appeals (May 1997)
Court’s Charge Update, 19th Annual Advanced Civil Trial Law Course (Aug. 1996)
Court’s Charge Update, 12th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law Course (July 1996)
Court’s Charge Update, 12th Annual Litigation Update Institute (Jan. 1996)
Court’s Charge Update, 11th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law Course (June 1995)
Court’s Charge Update, 11th Annual Litigation Update Institute (Jan. 1995)
Court’s Charge in Auto Collision Cases, Preparing, Trying, and Settling Auto Collision Cases (Oct. 1992)
New Developments in the Pattern Jury Charge, 8th Annual Advanced Personal Injury Law Course (July 1992)
The Court’s Charge after Lemos v. Montez, Butterworth’s Texas Personal Injury Law Reporter (Dec. 1992)